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Zebra Design and Prints Amazing Envelope Stuffing Machine

Our staff spend a couple of days stuffing envelopes – surely we can do it locally and quickly?
$250 + GST could get you 1000 stuffed envelopes with your advertising inside:
Single A4 sheet + Flyer + Prefolded Insert + Mail Lodgement all collated and folded to your business requirements.
Ring us today to get a quote for your specific requirements.  Get your staff back to your core business and let us take the hassle out of your day.

We operate multi station machinery able to collate Multi-Page items prior to processing.

Our machinery is flexible and can provide a folding solution to meet most requirements. A3
material can be folded down to A4 then again to be inserted into a DLE envelope.

Multiple items including return envelopes, return slips etc.


PROBLEM: I want great looking marketing material!
We have a team of great graphic designers who can design your flyer or document to hold your dataset should you require this service. This template can be returned to you and also used for future jobs.


PROBLEM: I need my data formatted, sorted and generally tidied up. I can’t afford an IT specialist!
We can process:  Excel, CSV, MS Access Database and lots of other data formats...
Once cleansed and processed your data can be returned to you in any format you require.
This can include address formatting, postal code ordering, removal of invalid data including cleansing and removing double ups and complex search and replace on text with formatting.
We use an Oracle Certified Professional Database Consultant  with over 10 years direct experience data formatting and databases. 


PROBLEM: I have a large customer base to send out to on a regular basis. This currently gets sent away and can take a long time and is not a cost effective option.
Our variable data processing capabilities provide us with the flexibility to process both small and large projects efficiently. Simply email us your file and our software will insert the required fields into the printed article. This is ideal for personalised promotional material and newsletters. We can also use this technology for processing invoices, statements and other office documents. The finished content can also be provided to you as a PDF on CD or similar media.
A proof will be supplied for your approval prior to printing.   Printing can be done in colour or black and white on a variety of stocks depending on your job requirements..


Once printed and enveloped Zebra Design and Print lodges your mail for you with the nearest New Zealand Post distribution centre or distributes non-post items both locally and internationally. We can manage your marketing material and process as required.